Professional Tree Surgeons working in Egham, Virginia Water, Ruislip and surrounding areas

Here at Four Seasons Tree Surgeons Ltd, we are expert tree surgeons highly skilled in carrying out various treatments to stabilise and remove trees. From our base in Egham, we provide our services to domestic and commercial customers within 20 miles.

We understand that trees can be hazardous, especially after a heavy storm, so our priority is always your safety. We can carry out full inspections of any trees causing concern to decide on the best course of action.

As local tree surgeons, we provide a full range of services:

Tree removal

Stump removal

Tree pruning

Hedge cutting

Garden clearance


Crown thinning, shaping and lifting

Local Tree Surgery in Egham, Virginia Water, Ruislip and surrounding areas

Our services, including tree surgery, tree felling and stump grinding, are available to customers in Egham, Virginia Water, Ruislip and beyond. Tree felling is carried out with full attention to safety, with a team on the ground to oversee the procedure. Removing a tree is only ever a last resort if no other treatment is appropriate – as we will always strive to save any tree we can.

Why Choose Four Seasons Tree Surgeons Ltd?

We are respected local tree surgeons who have been in business for over a decade. Our team are highly skilled and used to working outside, often in challenging conditions. We are fully insured for all our work, including holding full liability insurance.

We treat every tree with the utmost respect and will do what we can to preserve as many trees as possible. If you are concerned about a tree on your property, we can provide you with a free no-obligation quote.

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