Tree Cutting in Egham, Virginia Water, Ruislip and Surrounding Areas

Here at Four Seasons Tree Surgeons Ltd, we are tree surgeons who perform a range of tree cutting services throughout Egham, Virginia Water, Ruislip and surrounding areas.

Our team are highly experienced arborists who carry out branch removal, tree pollarding and crown reduction. We also scan trees for defects and disease before putting together an effective treatment plan.

Professional Tree Cutting in Egham, Virginia Water, Ruislip and Surrounding Areas

If you are concerned about a tree on your property, our team can carry out a full inspection. We study the tree as a whole, with our tree cutting methods taking into consideration the species, height, life stage and risk level the tree poses. Tree cutting can be hazardous work, but our arborists are used to working in difficult conditions at great heights. We also take care not to disturb local wildlife unless necessary.

Our Treatments

The widest part of the tree, otherwise known as the crown, can sometimes grow out of control, and it is the uppermost part where the branches protrude from the trunk. Thankfully, there are different types of tree surgery available for trees that become unruly.  

  • Crown thinning – reducing the tree’s overall density
  • Crown lifting – removing branches from the lower section of the tree
  • Crown reduction – removing branches from the upper canopy
  • Pollarding – regular pruning to maintain branch health

About Us

Here at Four Seasons Tree Surgeons Ltd, we are professional tree surgeons who provide an end-to-end tree cutting service. We have over ten years of experience and are fully licenced for all our services, including tree cutting. We also hold public liability insurance up to £2 million.

We work with domestic and commercial clients, as well as local authorities, carrying out risk assessments on problem trees and performing a range of tree cutting treatments. You will find every member of our team friendly  and ready to answer any questions you have.

Get in Touch

Do you require tree cutting services in your area? Give us a call at Four Seasons Tree Surgeons Ltd on 07763 565522. Our business hours are 8am to 6pm Monday to Friday and 9am to 3pm on Saturdays. We can provide you with a quote completely free of charge. Alternatively, get in touch with us by email at and a member of our team will respond as soon as possible.